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Why Choose Clinical Practice Solutions, Inc for your eClinicalWorks EMR implementation?

Q) Won’t my support be better directly from the manufacturer?

A) Actually, your support will STILL come directly from the manufacturer, unless you choose to upgrade your support as an option. The standard yearly support contract is handled directly by eCW, and it is also part of all software rental (ASP, or SAS -Software As a Service and Subscription) contracts as well.
We will be available should you require hands on or local support, as well as to intervene on your behalf if you have a complicated problem that involves multiple issues from several sources.

Q) Isn't the price higher if I buy eClinicalWorks software through you rather than the manufacturer?

A) No, the price you pay for the software is exactly the same.

Q) You must charge other "hidden" fees or mark ups then, correct?

A) No again. The requirements are the same. Our installation and training costs work out to be very similar to eCW's rates for the same services. We do charge more for our training services, but most local (Southeast) customers will save on airfare and travel costs.

Q) You said you charge more for training?

A) Our training rates are slightly higher because we provide a different type of training. Our trainers are not hired directly out of school, but have had years of practical experience in the healthcare industry in order to help you to adapt the software to the particular needs of your practice. We use a consultive training methodology. They will teach you how to use the software in the context of your practice workflow, and not simply explain what the program does. Also, if you need follow up training due to staff turnover, or natural practice growth, we can accommodate your needs with smaller, onsite follow up sessions.  We also offer practice consulting and training to make you more effective after you have had your eCW software installed, and have been using it in the real world.  Your initial training is only meant to let you begin using the program, not to take full advantage of it's capabilities.

Q) Can Clinical Practice Solutions implement my practice any faster than eCW corporate can?

A) In  some instances, yes (providing it is not an ASP, or SAS implementation). While we do request a minimum 60 day lead time for Implementation, we will be as flexible as our schedule allows and do our best to work with you to meet your time line goals. However we want you to understand that we will not compromise our quality standards for an arbitrary schedule. Fully 90% of the success of your EMR adoption is due to implementation and training. If you cut corners there, you are only hurting yourself and your practice.

Q) Are there other advantages to working with Clinical Practice Solutions Inc.?

A) Along with our carefully screened Strategic Partners, we give you a total a total office solution and the peace of mind that your needs are being taken care of. All of our partners are all familiar with eClinicalWorks and are carefully screened. We know what works properly in the field on the hardware side as well as what doesn't. We utilize the team concept and all work closely together, so that if you have a problem that is not covered by eCW support, we are there to help you find a solution. We also offer cost effective and comprehensive IT managed services to help keep your office as worry free as possible. We are highly experienced in the art of change management and can assure you that if you follow our directions and suggestions that you will have a much smoother implementation.